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Software Asset Management: Pay Attention or Pay Up
sponsored by CDW Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 01 Apr 2014
Published:01 Apr 2014
Summary:This whitepaper covers how to take advantage of the software asset management industry in order to keep control of your software.
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CDW Corporation

Licensing Windows desktop operating system for use with virtual machines
sponsored by Dell and Microsoft
White Paper: | Posted: 31 Mar 2014
Published:30 Nov 2013
Summary:This licensing brief is an overview of the Microsoft Volume Licensing use rights for the Windows 8.1operating system when running within virtual machines.
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Dell and Microsoft

Accelerate App Development with Open Source PaaS
sponsored by Red Hat
Video: | Posted: 27 Mar 2014
Premiered:11 Jul 2013
Summary:In this video, discover a cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to create scalable applications using whichever programming language and middleware they prefer. Watch now to explore the benefits and capabilities of this PaaS.
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Red Hat

Maximize the Benefits of Flash with HP's All Flash Array – 3PAR StoreServ 7450
sponsored by HP India
White Paper: | Posted: 27 Mar 2014
Published:30 Jun 2013
Summary:Access this exclusive white paper and uncover all the key features of HP's latest flash-based storage array.
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HP India

Migrating from Windows XP: Understanding the Challenges and How to Mitigate Them
sponsored by Dell and Microsoft
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Mar 2014
Published:01 Oct 2013
Summary:This paper describes how effective Windows migration projects can be broken down into four manageable phases, and how industry best practices and products can reduce the time and disruptions caused by a migration from XP to Windows 7 or 8, as well as provide IT more time and resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.
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Dell and Microsoft

Concur Travel and Expense solution
sponsored by Concur Technologies
White Paper: | Posted: 24 Mar 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:This guide talks about a solution that allows users to capture all of their travel and expense information digitally and present it all in an accurate automated report.
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Concur Technologies

Five Easy Steps to Smarter Systems Imaging
sponsored by Dell and Microsoft
White Paper: | Posted: 21 Mar 2014
Published:21 Mar 2014
Summary:This whitepaper takes you through 5 steps for developing a smarter approach to systems imaging that layers a unique set of drivers, updates, applications, configurations and user personality on top of the core configuration images.
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Dell and Microsoft

Kaiser Permanente Physicians go Mobile using Nuance Technology
sponsored by Nuance
Video: | Posted: 20 Mar 2014
Premiered:20 Mar 2014
Summary:This video talks about Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder and the results of a pilot study at Kaiser Permanente NW. Despite limited testing, the software has become incredibly popular with many more doctors asking to use it.
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Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup/Recovery Software
sponsored by CommVault Systems, Inc.
Resource: | Posted: 20 Mar 2014
Published:05 Jun 2013
Summary:Access this resource to uncover each backup and recovery software vendor's strengths and weaknesses, so you can select the ideal solution for your IT environment.
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CommVault Systems, Inc.

HR in the Cloud
sponsored by Workday
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Mar 2014
Published:20 Mar 2014
Summary:This whitepaper examines the five big trends that are pushing adoption, examining each trend in-depth and explaining exactly why it is driving a need for SaaS.
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The Basics of Data Deduplication Solutions
sponsored by Dell Software
eGuide: | Posted: 20 Mar 2014
Published:20 Mar 2014
Summary:This guide gives the basics of deduplication and focuses on how deduplication fits in with disaster recovery strategies. It also shows the advantages of hardware and software deduplication.
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Dell Software

Thin Client Devices and MBAAS to Meet Demand for Mobile Applications
sponsored by Gizmox
eGuide: | Posted: 12 Mar 2014
Published:12 Mar 2014
Summary:Access this expert e-guide to find out why you should deploy thin client devices, as well as information on how to use MBaaS to meet the current demand for enterprise mobile apps.
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Faster firmware updates and system fixes for a manufacturing organization
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company
Case Study: | Posted: 12 Mar 2014
Published:31 Jan 2014
Summary:This case study describes what can go wrong with firmware updates when relying on Unauthorized Support Providers (USPs), and reveals how this strategy led the way for disaster in one real-world organization.
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Hewlett-Packard Company

User experience: Can your apps increase your value? - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Limited
Webcast: | Posted: 07 Mar 2014
Premiered:Feb 21, 2013
Summary:In this brief on-demand video, John McCarthy – Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research – explains how organizations can increase their value by delivering a great user experience.
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Hewlett-Packard Limited

Magic Quadrant for Business Continuity Management Planning Software
sponsored by EMC Corporation
Resource: | Posted: 17 Mar 2014
Published:26 Aug 2013
Summary:Access this informative, in-depth resource for a market snapshot of BCMP vendors that may be appropriate for your organization's budget and needs.
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EMC Corporation

16 - 30 of 446 Matches
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