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The ABCs of ADCs
sponsored by Fortinet, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 29 Jul 2014
Published:29 Jul 2014
Summary:This helpful resource explains the basics of server load balancing, application delivery controllers, and advanced ADC features for today's modern, dynamic, content-rich applications.
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Fortinet, Inc.

Deploy and Run Critical Apps, Accelerate Cloud Environment with IBM PureApplication System
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Jun 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:Explore this resource to learn how organizations can save time and money through application consolidation and acceleration onto an IBM PureApplication System environment and how doing so can help you increase the efficiency of developing new applications and reduce the complexity of administering your environment. Read on to learn more.
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Migrating Legacy Custom Applications to Scale-Up x86 Server
sponsored by HP and Intel® Xeon® processor
White Paper: | Posted: 29 May 2014
Published:31 Oct 2013
Summary:This white paper describes in greater detail the current challenges that customers face and the benefits of rehosting legacy custom applications onto scale-up x86 servers.
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HP and Intel® Xeon® processor

5 PC Hardware Innovations that Pay Off for Business
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Windows 8 Pro
White Paper: | Posted: 25 Feb 2014
Published:25 Feb 2014
Summary:This whitepaper examines 5 PC hardware innovations that are actually paying off for the business that use them correctly.
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Dell, Inc. and Windows 8 Pro

Consumerization and the Cloud Classroom
sponsored by
Virtual Environment: | Posted: 18 Jun 2013
Premiered:18 Jun 2013
Summary:Systems administrators, IT managers and data center professionals need to know how the converging trends of consumerization affect their organizations and how they can maintain control while enabling user needs.
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Migrating Apps to the Cloud
sponsored by
eBook: | Posted: 13 Jun 2013
Published:13 Jun 2013
Summary:This handbook considers best practices for the migration of applications to be sure that an organization can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without undermining server and application performance and  also addresses legacy apps and when it might make sense to rebuild or replace such highly customized applications rather than move them.
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Application Delivery Controllers and the A10 Advantage
sponsored by A10 Networks
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Dec 2013
Published:30 Jun 2013
Summary:In this resource, discover an application delivery controller (AD) solution that accelerates, optimizes, secures, and scales application traffic in both physical and virtual servers to meet today's demands.
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A10 Networks

Optimal SAP System Performance: Factors That Make The Most Difference
sponsored by EMC Corporation
eGuide: | Posted: 07 Oct 2013
Published:07 Oct 2013
Summary:For any size company, choosing the right mix of server hardware, database servers, network configurations, storage, and even the operating systems is a daunting, yet essential, task. Analysts and experts agree those choices are key for optimal SAP system performance. In this e-guide, uncover tips for selecting the best hardware for your SAP system.
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EMC Corporation

The BI Survey The Customer Verdict the worlds largest survey of business intelligence software users
sponsored by Board International
White Paper: | Posted: 27 Sep 2013
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:BOARD offers a combined BI and performance management product with its new In-Memory, multidimensional database server and the user interface to go with it. Access this white paper today to gain expert insights, findings from various research surveys, performance rankings, customer feedback, and much more regarding all things BOARD.
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Board International

Oracle VM: Designing, Creating and Testing an Oracle VM 3.2 Environment
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 12 Aug 2013
Published:30 Apr 2013
Summary:New to Oracle VM and not sure where to start? This technical whitepaper including best practices will walk you through the process of design, creation and test of Oracle VM.
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Oracle Corporation

CICS and SOA Architecture and Integration Choices
sponsored by IBM
eBook: | Posted: 30 Jul 2013
Published:31 Mar 2012
Summary:In this comprehensive e-book, explore the ways in which IBM's CICS server offers support for SOA strategies and seamlessly connects with other IT environments. With this information, you can select, plan, and design strategies that integrate CICS applications as service providers and requesters.
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What is Virtualization and how does it affect my Company?
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Jul 2013
Published:31 Oct 2011
Summary:This white paper provides a detailed analysis into simplifying your server setup – putting all of your important business applications in one place with server virtualization. Find out what virtualization can do for your business.
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Dell, Inc.

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and IBM Websphere Application Server Network Deployment Edition
sponsored by Red Hat
White Paper: | Posted: 11 Jun 2013
Published:11 Jun 2013
Summary:This exclusive white paper takes two of the top application platforms on the market and compares their technical features, capabilities and overall benefits head-to-head. Read on and learn how you can improve your overall application strategy.
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Red Hat

Frost Bank Builds Business-Critical Online Banking System on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
sponsored by Red Hat
Case Study: | Posted: 10 Jun 2013
Published:10 Jun 2013
Summary:This exclusive case study discusses how a financial institution utilized an open source application platform to increase developer and administrator productivity and enhance production efficiency while scaling to match business growth.
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Red Hat

HP Modernization Opportunity Assessment - Service Brief
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Limited
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Feb 2013
Published:20 Feb 2013
Summary:This resource overviews the key steps in modernizing your application landscape. Learn more about how to successfully deploy a modernization strategy and tools to support your initiatives.
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Hewlett-Packard Limited

1 - 15 of 67 Matches

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