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Overcoming the Seemingly Impossible: Cloud Application Integration
sponsored by Red Hat
eGuide: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Published:22 Jul 2014
Summary:Why is app integration such a problem in cloud computing? And, what can provide relief? Find the answers in this expert e-guide that highlights the common contributors that make integration such a headache, and why app integration pain is still acute even in the cloud age.
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Red Hat

The Future of the Service Desk Management
sponsored by FrontRange Solutions Inc.
Video: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Premiered:30 Jan 2014
Summary:In this video, discover where we will be in 5 years in terms of modern service desk management. Watch now to learn why customers are going to demand an efficient solution in service desk management.
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FrontRange Solutions Inc.

Which Cloud? It All Starts With Assessing Application Readiness - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Gravitant
Webcast: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Premiered:Jul 22, 2014
Summary:This exclusive webcast covers how to decide which applications should go in the cloud and which cloud you should pick.
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Access Point Technology for Optimal Network Performance
sponsored by Cisco India
White Paper: | Posted: 21 Jul 2014
Published:30 Nov 2011
Summary:This white paper introduces the latest series of access point technology and explains how it can tackle the influx of one-, two-, and three-spatial –stream devices hitting enterprise networks.
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Cisco India

Application Delivery Optimization: Business And Technology Issues
sponsored by CA Technologies.
eGuide: | Posted: 21 Jul 2014
Published:21 Jul 2014
Summary:This expert e-guide discusses the challenges of the virtual enterprise, why response time is key for application optimization and more.
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CA Technologies.

Deliver Enterprise Mobility with Citrix XenMobile and Citrix NetScaler
sponsored by Citrix
White Paper: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Published:18 Jul 2014
Summary:This exclusive resource discusses an application delivery controller that is optimized for the intense new demands of today's network infrastructures, allowing your organization to provide workers with the resources they need.
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CIO’S Best Practices for Rogue IT
sponsored by LANDesk Software
eGuide: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Published:18 Jul 2014
Summary:In this e-guide, learn how some modern CIO's are monitoring and responding to tech outside of the IT. Examine how to identify "healthy" versus "unhealthy" rogue IT as a means of mitigating risks.
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LANDesk Software

Cost/Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Transactions
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 17 Jul 2014
Published:30 Sep 2013
Summary:Learn about the costs, benefits and time to value of one transaction processing platform.
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Cloud Architectures : The style of building applications using services available in the Internet cloud
sponsored by Amazon Web Services
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:14 Jul 2014
Summary:This informative paper is broken down into two sections: first, see an example of an application that's currently in production using the on-demand infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS); second, learn some of the best practices for using each Amazon Web Service to build an industrial-strength, scalable application.
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Configure Web-based Applications with Integrated Workflow, Without Programming
sponsored by Interneer, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:31 Aug 2007
Summary:In this brief paper, discover a platform that allows for the average business person to create their own web-based applications and still flexible for the IT pro to create a custom, complex solution.
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Interneer, Inc.

Building Fault-Tolerant Applications on AWS
sponsored by Amazon Web Services
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:31 Oct 2011
Summary:This comprehensive paper highlights why an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is ideal for building fault-tolerant software systems. However, this attribute isn't unique to its platform, so read on to discover what makes the AWS platform unique.
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University of Aberdeen rapidly improves technology replacement program
sponsored by Acronis
Case Study: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:31 May 2014
Summary:Scotland's University of Aberdeen maintains over 250 software applications on 1,700 publicly accessible PCs that need to be updated on an annual basis. In this brief case study, learn how the University of Aberdeen cut their deployment time in half with a new disk imaging software, saving their IT team up to 10 weeks of deployment time each year.
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10 Things You Need to Know Before Modernizing Your Applications
sponsored by Informatica
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:31 Mar 2014
Summary:With the right choice of technology and best practices, application transformation can deliver immense strategic value. In this new white paper, "10 Things You Need to Know Before Modernizing Your Applications" , you'll learn best practices to plan and implement effective application migration projects in your organization.
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What's in Your Cloud?
sponsored by SearchCloudApplications
eBook: | Posted: 10 Jul 2014
Published:10 Jul 2014
Summary:Employees are increasingly bringing their cloud computing applications to work -- forcing an adjustment in attitudes toward the bring-your-own trend.
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The Era of Application Centric Networking
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Jul 2014
Published:07 Jul 2014
Summary:This white paper discusses an application-centric routing platform that addresses the critical issue of application delivery, ultimately improving the productivity and simplicity of your company's IT environment.
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Cisco Systems, Inc.

1 - 15 of 1204 Matches

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