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Application Re-architecture: A 3-phase Approach
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 29 Jul 2014
Published:31 May 2013
Summary:By re-architecting legacy applications, you can increase efficiency, responsiveness, and save on operating costs -- but how do you re-architect quickly while minimizing risk? In this white paper, discover a three-phase approach to application re-architecture that can help you do just that.
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Dell, Inc.

Reasons to Re-architect with the Cloud
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 29 Jul 2014
Published:31 Jul 2013
Summary:This white paper explores two roads for moving legacy apps to the cloud: re-hosting and re-architecting. Discover the benefits of each strategy, and learn why re-architecting may be the way to go for monolithic, restrictive legacy applications that could use an agility boost.
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Dell, Inc.

P2 Energy Modernizes Application with Re-Architecture Technology
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
Case Study: | Posted: 28 Jul 2014
Published:31 May 2013
Summary:This case study explains how a leader in oil and gas specialized software, P2 Solutions, leveraged application re-architecture technology and services to modernize their aging application and increase agility.
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Dell, Inc.

Webcast: Application Architectures for Cloud Computing Environments
sponsored by
Video: | Posted: 28 Jul 2014
Premiered:19 Oct 2011
Summary:In this webcast, Bernard Golden, CEO of cloud consulting firm HyperStratus, describes the key principles of application architectures in a cloud computing environment. He also discusses the limitations of running applications in the cloud, including application integration issues, software licensing and security.
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An Inside Look at the Enterprise Service Desk Market
sponsored by FrontRange Solutions Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 25 Jul 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:In this report, Info-Tech has evaluated nine competitors in the Enterprise Service desk market, providing an overview, strengths, and challenges for each.
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FrontRange Solutions Inc.

Why All Enterprise Data Integration Products Are Not Equal
sponsored by Talend
White Paper: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Published:18 Jul 2014
Summary:In this white paper, discover several data integration challenges and the choices involved in a tool selection.
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Accessing Your Cloud Risk - Expert Webcast
sponsored by Sophos, Inc.
Webcast: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Premiered:Jul 10, 2014
Summary:This webcast explains the best ways to assess your cloud risk and if it is a good fit for your organization.
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Sophos, Inc.

Architecting for the Cloud: Best Practices
sponsored by Amazon Web Services
White Paper: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Published:30 Jan 2011
Summary:This paper focuses in on concepts, principles and best practices in creating new cloud applications or migrating existing apps to the cloud. Discover how elasticity and other concepts have emerged due to the cloud's dynamic nature.
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How to Implement Next Generation Architecture
sponsored by CA ARCserve
White Paper: | Posted: 30 Jun 2014
Published:30 Jun 2014
Summary:This white paper explains trends and challenges that customers may have when facing issues with data protection.
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CA ARCserve

Data protection, privacy and the IT department
sponsored by
Presentation: | Posted: 06 Jun 2014
Published:06 Jun 2014
Summary:Mike Cope, IT Director, University College London, looks at the data protection challenges faced by the university in this PowerPoint presentation.
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Elliptic curve cryptography in transport ticketing
sponsored by
Essential Guide: | Posted: 30 May 2014
Published:30 May 2014
Summary:This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series looks at how elliptic curve cryptography on transport payment cards improves transaction times.
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Develop Your Criteria for Selecting VDI Software
sponsored by
eBook: | Posted: 22 Apr 2014
Published:22 Apr 2014
Summary:Vendors provide many desktop virtualization choices, so know your needs when comparing virtual desktop infrastructure products. See how to evaluate and deploy VDI software.
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Application Modernization: Best practices and methods
sponsored by TechTarget
Resource: | Posted: 18 Mar 2014
Published:18 Mar 2014
Summary:As the business landscape continues to grow unabated, you may want to consider a new approach to modernizing your legacy apps. Take this brief survey and gain access to an essential guide that uncovers what you need to know before upgrading your major applications as well as how a service approach can support application modernization.
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Redwood Cabling Design Guide
sponsored by CommScope
eGuide: | Posted: 13 May 2014
Published:13 May 2014
Summary:Explore this informative resource to learn of several different ways to design and architect cabling for your lighting network.
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What It Takes to Make Zero Clients Add Up
sponsored by
eBook: | Posted: 15 Apr 2014
Published:15 Apr 2014
Summary:Chapter 2 looks at the major considerations in making a final decision on whether to move an organization's desktops to zero clients. Cost, return on investment, and vendor choice are among the most essential factors to be weighed. The chapter also discusses the complexity of a shift to a zero client model.
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1 - 15 of 111 Matches

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