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HP Enterprise Services on leveraging latest innovations of SAP Solution Manager
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Limited
Video: | Posted: 05 Mar 2014
Premiered:05 Mar 2014
Summary:The following webcast joins Chris Nokkentved on leveraging the latest innovations of SAP Solution manager. Explore how converting events to alerts and alerts to incidents will allow for greater efficiencies in IT and how business operations management can give a whole new level of business awareness to operations. Start viewing now to learn more.
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Hewlett-Packard Limited

The Great Debate: One Integrated Business System VS. Siloed Applications
sponsored by NetSuite
White Paper: | Posted: 13 Feb 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:This resource explores the challenges of siloed software applications, and describes how an integrated business system can give you the power to conquer operational inefficiency and support business growth.
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Business Transformation: Exploring the Requirements of a Strategic Business Transformation
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Limited
White Paper: | Posted: 19 Nov 2013
Published:19 Nov 2013
Summary:To keep up with market demands and trends, it is important for organizations to transform their business. This guide explores business transformation and how it reduces risk and cost
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Hewlett-Packard Limited

Big Data Analytics - Meeting Business Needs and Raising IT’s Profile in the Organization
sponsored by SAS
White Paper: | Posted: 11 Apr 2013
Published:14 Mar 2013
Summary:IT has long played a reactionary role in company analytics initiatives, but with new challenges that big data presents, CIOs can lead their company by implementing a strategic, business-enabling technology. Read this resource to learn how CIOs can implement a strategic big data analytics architecture that supports overall business initiatives.
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Top 10 Business Analysis Trends for 2013
sponsored by
Essential Guide: | Posted: 11 Feb 2013
Published:11 Feb 2013
Summary:A global panel of experts identifies the Top 10 Business Analysis trends in 2013
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Modelling the Insurance Enterprise
sponsored by
Essential Guide: | Posted: 01 Feb 2013
Published:01 Feb 2013
Summary:This report from the Open Group is aimed at managers, architects, and designers that serve the insurance industry or have an interest in integrating the TOGAF and ArchiMate standards.
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Requirements for a Successful Cloud: a Checklist for your Cloud Journey
sponsored by BMC Software
White Paper: | Posted: 19 Dec 2013
Published:31 Jan 2013
Summary:Are you considering implementing cloud into your IT environment? It's a big move, so make sure you're prepared for the road ahead. Read on to make sure your push to cloud is successful and meets all of your business needs.
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BMC Software

Laying the Foundation for Successful Business Analytics Solution Deployments The Critical Role of Hardware Infrastructure
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 19 Dec 2013
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:The volumes of information about business solutions, best practices and analytics technology often neglect to appropriately represent the impact of hardware infrastructure on the success of business analytics projects. Read this white paper to learn what does and doesn't work in business analytics infrastructure.
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Application Architecture, BPM Must Align Objectives
sponsored by IBM
eGuide: | Posted: 26 Nov 2013
Published:26 Nov 2013
Summary:In this expert e-guide, learn what you need to know about aligning business process management (BPM) with application architecture, and how to ensure you get the most business value from new technologies and tools.
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The right achitecture for business intellience: The foundation for effiective enterprise BI
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 11 Oct 2013
Published:11 Oct 2013
Summary:Analytics-driven organizations not only seize opportunity, they outperform.
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Choosing a DCM architecture
sponsored by OpenText
eGuide: | Posted: 13 Dec 2012
Published:13 Dec 2012
Summary:In this expert e-guide, learn that in a DCM architecture, your business will be defining rules in a business rules engine and not defining business processes where you shouldn't be. Also, learn what to look for in cases and processes when it comes to choosing a DCM platform.
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Expanding Active Decision-Making: The Power of Integrating Business Rules and Events
sponsored by Red Hat and JBoss
White Paper: | Posted: 05 Jul 2012
Published:05 Jul 2012
Summary:This white paper demonstrates how using JBoss Enterprise BRMS, business analysts, developers, and integrators can create and manage rules and events in a single product using a shared set of authoring tools.
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Red Hat and JBoss

E-Guide: Building an Effective BI Strategy
sponsored by Dell and Microsoft
eGuide: | Posted: 28 Jun 2012
Published:28 Jun 2012
Summary:This e-guide discusses how to effectively take advantage of business intelligence (BI) technologies in your organization by utilizing essential tactics. Discover the benefits of data warehousing appliance technologies and how to select the best one for your needs.
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Dell and Microsoft

Achieving Value in Healthcare Through Efficiency and Effectiveness
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Jun 2012
Published:20 Jun 2012
Summary:this white paper demonstrates how, by reforming health care delivery, implementing appropriate technology, and reshaping the medical establishment which supports efficiency and effectiveness, America can provide the best value in health care services for its citizens.
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Dell, Inc.

Business Agility Insights Issue 3
sponsored by eBizQ
Ezine: | Posted: 30 May 2012
Published:29 May 2012
Summary:Read this expert E-Zine to learn how going mobile and integrating BPM will help to boost performance and transform your enterprise.
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1 - 15 of 39 Matches

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