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Exact Macola – Striving Toward ERP Excellence - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Exact Software
Webcast: | Posted: 24 Jul 2014
Premiered:Jul 24, 2014
Summary:Watch this informative webcast, featuring Senior Business Consultant Russ Lesko, who discusses Exact Macola's latest ERP software solution.
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Exact Software

SQL Compliance Manager – Download Free Trial
sponsored by Idera
Software Download: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Premiered:22 Jul 2014
Summary:Uncover the ins-and-outs of SQL Compliance Manager – and get your hands on a free trial.
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The Time is Ripe for “Enterprise Disclosure Management”
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 18 Jul 2014
Published:30 Sep 2013
Summary:This white paper discusses the "Last Mile of Finance" and disclosure management strategies for improved financial reporting. Learn more about the software options available and the benefits a disclosure management strategy can provide to your organization.
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Improve the Confidence in Your Big Data with IBM InfoSphere
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 17 Jul 2014
Published:17 Jul 2014
Summary:This informative white paper discusses how organizations can use information governance to improve the confidence in big data.
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CFO Research Study - Linking Numbers and Narratives
sponsored by IBM
Analyst Report: | Posted: 16 Jul 2014
Published:31 Jul 2012
Summary:This white paper explains the importance of understanding financial numbers and how to get the most out of your narrative analysis.
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CFO Research - Beyond Numbers: The Challenge of Telling your Company's Story
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 16 Jul 2014
Published:31 Jul 2013
Summary:This white paper explains how a narrative analysis can ultimately help CFOs with their planning and assist company growth.
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Enabling a secure and convenient online banking experience
sponsored by HID
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Jul 2014
Published:03 May 2013
Summary:In this white paper, discover security solutions that are scalable, secure and simple to implement for online banking.
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Webinar: Practical Examples for Achieving and Maintaining DevOps Compliance for Financial Institutions - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by WANdisco
Webcast: | Posted: 23 Jun 2014
Premiered:Dec 31, 2013
Summary:Banking and financial institutions rely heavily on internally developed software to provide new products and services and are faced with an ever-changing regulatory environment that imposes tremendous challenges. This webinar will review specific compliance challenges, and how to automate compliance for open source software.
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CFO Insights on Success: Preparing for 2015 and Beyond and How Automation Can Help
sponsored by Concur Technologies
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Jun 2014
Published:09 Jun 2014
Summary:The following white paper to explore the current challenges and bottlenecks that face CIOs and FDs at the financial year-end. Learn the importance of automation technology and how it can drastically improve visibility, reporting, and ultimately, a simpler year-end.
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Concur Technologies

Workforce Management Trends Survey 2013-2014
sponsored by Workforce Software
White Paper: | Posted: 06 Jun 2014
Published:06 Jun 2014
Summary:This white paper discusses a survey with data from HR pros at 899 organizations spanning a broad range of industries that dives deep into the recent trends of workforce management.
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Workforce Software

Keeping customer data secure will keep your reputation safe
sponsored by Informatica
White Paper: | Posted: 06 May 2014
Published:27 Oct 2011
Summary:Read this exclusive white paper now to discover the industry-leading data governance, risk management and compliance tool specifically designed to protect your billing and CRM systems.
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A Practical Guide to Information Governance for Financial Services
sponsored by Iron Mountain
White Paper: | Posted: 22 Apr 2014
Published:22 Apr 2014
Summary:The following white paper explores the importance of information governance with particular focus on the financial services industry. Gain helpful guidance on how to manage information related risks, compliance requirements, and more.
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Iron Mountain

Comply and Compete: Model Management Best Practices
sponsored by FICO
White Paper: | Posted: 12 Jun 2014
Published:12 Jun 2014
Summary:The following white paper explores how by using a centralized automated model management solution, you can comply with increased scrutiny from bank regulators and at the same time, improve your segmentation transparency, document management, and more.
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Workflow, governance and reporting – Solvency II
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 23 May 2014
Published:23 May 2014
Summary:The following white paper provides readers with industry-leading insights into the key challenges and issues arising when managing all 3 pillars of Solvency II. Learn how to manage workflow around internal models, which process surround reporting and the integration with risk modeling, and more.
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Improved Scalability and Availability are the Keys to Better Storage Management
sponsored by EMC & Arrow
White Paper: | Posted: 22 Apr 2014
Published:28 Jun 2013
Summary:This white paper highlights the benefits of scale-out NAS solution from EMC that can keep up with exponential data growth, increased regulations and compliance mandates. This solution provides the flexibility and availability that traditional storage approaches can't provide.
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EMC & Arrow

1 - 15 of 179 Matches

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