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DB2 11: The Database for Big Data & Analytics
sponsored by IBM
Book: | Posted: 08 Jul 2014
Published:31 Oct 2013
Summary:Access this exclusive book to learn about DB2 11 for z/OS, a secure and cost-effective database platform that is trusted by banks, insurance companies, and retailers to help them innovate, differentiate, and survive.
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Database as a Service (DBaaS): How to Create a Database Cloud Service - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
Webcast: | Posted: 12 Jun 2014
Premiered:Jun 5, 2014
Summary:This webinar explains how transitioning to database-as-a-service will automate more processes, deliver services faster and lower risk and costs. Watch now to better understand the benefits of presenting and documenting IT services in a service catalog, how to create an effective business catalog to deliver DBaaS to consumers, and more.
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Oracle Corporation

How to Tune Oracle Instance Recovery
sponsored by Dell Software
eGuide: | Posted: 30 May 2014
Published:30 May 2014
Summary:Access this expert e-guide to learn more about the best practices for tuning Oracle instance recovery.
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Dell Software

ITIC 2013 – 2014 Database Reliability and Deployment Trends Survey
sponsored by IBM
Analyst Report: | Posted: 25 Mar 2014
Published:25 Mar 2014
Summary:High reliability and system availability are absolutely crucial for database and the underlying server hardware. See where your company fits in among market leaders that have analyzed their database environments in the ITIC 2013-2014 Database Reliability and Deployment Trends Survey.
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Improve Business Analytics: Rapid Database Migration of SAP NetWeaver BW to SAP HANA
sponsored by HP & Intel®
Service Listing: | Posted: 20 Mar 2014
Published:20 Mar 2014
Summary:Learn how upgrading your business warehouse environment to SAP HANA can help your organization reduce the time it takes to develop new business reports, eliminate batch reporting processes thanks to real-time availability of data, and much more with this report from HP.
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HP & Intel®

Extending your database infrastructure with Linux
sponsored by Red Hat
White Paper: | Posted: 21 Nov 2013
Published:21 Nov 2013
Summary:This whitepaper explains how you can introduce more flexible and cost-effective industry-standard hardware and operating environments using Linux.
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Red Hat

Big data in the cloud: How to reduce data center infrastructure costs
sponsored by
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Oct 2013
Published:14 Oct 2013
Summary:How can cloud computing help companies in the new world of big data? This expert handbook looks at some possible answers to this question.
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Subway Successfully Implements Virtualization
sponsored by IIS Technology
Case Study: | Posted: 14 Nov 2013
Published:14 Nov 2013
Summary:This case study reveals how the right virtualization strategy enabled the sandwich chain Subway to quickly provision SQL Servers while also maintaining performance and data access. Learn how you can mirror Subway's virtualization success by reading on now.
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IIS Technology

Dell Virtualization Solution for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 using PowerEdge R820
sponsored by Dell and Microsoft
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Nov 2013
Published:31 Jul 2012
Summary:This white paper describes the advantages of consolidating Microsoft SQL Server database application workloads to a virtualization environment, and introduces a server platform that can help you drive success.
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Dell and Microsoft

Optimal SAP System Performance: Factors That Make The Most Difference
sponsored by EMC Corporation
eGuide: | Posted: 07 Oct 2013
Published:07 Oct 2013
Summary:For any size company, choosing the right mix of server hardware, database servers, network configurations, storage, and even the operating systems is a daunting, yet essential, task. Analysts and experts agree those choices are key for optimal SAP system performance. In this e-guide, uncover tips for selecting the best hardware for your SAP system.
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EMC Corporation

Deploying and Optimizing SQL Server for Virtual Machines
sponsored by SolarWinds, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 29 Aug 2013
Published:29 Aug 2013
Summary:In this white paper, you will gain deeper insight into the four critical resource areas that impact database performance and reliability in a virtual machine.
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SolarWinds, Inc.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides superior unified storage platform
sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
White Paper: | Posted: 22 Aug 2013
Published:30 Apr 2013
Summary:Looking for a storage platform that stands out amongst the most competitive approaches? Take a look at this short analyst report to learn about Oracle's ZFS unified storage platform. Check it out now to view the specs and key advantages.
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Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Lower IT Costs with Oracle Database 11g Release 2
sponsored by Oracle India Pvt. Ltd
White Paper: | Posted: 17 May 2013
Published:28 Mar 2012
Summary:Download the "Lower IT Costs with Oracle Database 11g Release 2" whitepaper and discover new options and features that can help you reduce server and storage costs, improve query performance, and ensure availability during database application upgrades.
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Oracle India Pvt. Ltd

Guide to Consolidating Oracle Databases
sponsored by EMC Corporation
eGuide: | Posted: 18 Mar 2013
Published:18 Mar 2013
Summary:In this E-Guide, discover what the experts are saying about database consolidation for Oracle -- how not to lose functionality, why to consolidate, and some best practices therein. Also included is an in-depth discussion of session schema management, as part of a series on Oracle database consolidation.
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EMC Corporation

Giving Your Oracle Hardware Performance a Shot in the Arm
sponsored by EMC Corporation
eBook: | Posted: 15 Mar 2013
Published:15 Mar 2013
Summary:In this expert handbook, discover three ways to boost Oracle database and application performance that normal Oracle development thinking might cause you to overlook: selecting metrics for server hardware, improving project management, and harnessing in-memory processing.
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EMC Corporation

1 - 15 of 81 Matches

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