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Drowning in a Sea of Downtime
sponsored by Borland, Micro Focus
Resource: | Posted: 16 Apr 2014
Published:16 Apr 2014
Summary:With your reputation, ROI, and revenue on the line, you can't afford downtime. You need a way to safeguard your applications and websites, ensuring top performance 100% of the time. Check out this infographic for more shocking stats about downtime, and discover a performance management technology that helps you on the road to minimal downtime.
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Borland, Micro Focus

Low Cost Disaster Recovery for Linux: Innovative DR Solutions for Common IT Architectures
sponsored by Quru
White Paper: | Posted: 16 Apr 2014
Published:16 Apr 2014
Summary:This whitepaper details three unique disaster scenarios in Linux environments and how hybrid solutions can help.
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Nine Steps to Smart Security for Small Businesses
sponsored by Qualys
White Paper: | Posted: 16 Apr 2014
Published:30 Dec 2011
Summary:This white paper lists the 9 steps to achieving smart security for small businesses and focuses on how a cloud security solution can benefit organizations without the resources for traditional security approaches.
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Refreshing, Resetting, and Restoring: A Guide to Recovery Options in Windows
sponsored by Global Knowledge
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Apr 2014
Published:14 Apr 2014
Summary:Explore this informative white paper to uncover all the ins-and-outs of each Windows troubleshooting option, and in which situations each should be used.
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Global Knowledge

PEM Fuel Cells Make a Powerful Case for Small Business Backup
sponsored by CommScope
White Paper: | Posted: 11 Apr 2014
Published:11 Apr 2014
Summary:This whitepaper offers PEM fuel cells as an option to help prevent power outages, which lead to costly downtime.
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Free 15 Day Trial of Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware
sponsored by PHD Virtual
Trial Software: | Posted: 10 Apr 2014
Premiered:10 Apr 2014
Summary:Check out this game-changing resource to uncover the key features of the one and only disaster recovery assurance solution for VMware – and gain access to a free 15 day trial.
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PHD Virtual

Healthcare Disaster Recovery
sponsored by CDW and IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Apr 2014
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:This white paper guides you through healthcare data basics to help you better understand what exactly you need to protect. Click now to discover backup and disaster recovery best practices to ensure always-on data availability and minimal downtime.
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Sorting Out Hardware, Software and Hypervisor-Based Replication
sponsored by SearchDisasterRecovery.com
eBook: | Posted: 09 Apr 2014
Published:09 Apr 2014
Summary:One increasingly popular alternative to traditional data backup is to combine replication and snapshots to continuously protect data. This handbook compares hardware-based and software-based replication so you can decide which approach suits your organization's needs, and discusses the emergence of hypervisor-based replication.
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Get With The Times: Hospitals Need to Update Data Storage Practices
sponsored by Iron Mountain
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Apr 2014
Published:08 Apr 2014
Summary:This brief resource offers 3 healthcare data storage best practices to best manage and secure growing and changing records.
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Iron Mountain

A UK Security Provider Fortifies its Systems for Greater Resiliency
sponsored by IBM
Case Study: | Posted: 08 Apr 2014
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:This informative case study explores one company's success with a disaster recovery plan and how it sought business continuity while ensuring security.
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Network Programmability Is Real: Five Use Cases for Our Disaster Recovery Cloud Services
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 07 Apr 2014
Published:17 Feb 2014
Summary:This resource covers the benefits found from five use cases for a networking platform that will provide added flexibility and agility.
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Cisco Systems, Inc.

Can Cloud File Syncing Replace Backup Solutions?
sponsored by eFolder
eGuide: | Posted: 03 Apr 2014
Published:03 Apr 2014
Summary:This expert e-guide presents the difference between file synchronization and file backup and how reliable these technologies are as a backup option.
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Backup Basics: Choosing the Right Data Protection System
sponsored by Quantum Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 31 Mar 2014
Published:31 Jan 2014
Summary:This informative guide will assist you in selecting data protection solutions best fit for your organization's needs, and explains the tools that you need to automatically and reliably make sure your data is safe.
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Quantum Corporation

Developing a Modern Data Governance Strategy
sponsored by Rand Secure Data
eGuide: | Posted: 28 Mar 2014
Published:28 Mar 2014
Summary:This expert e-guide shines a light on your data governance options and the components that make for a successful governance strategy. Also inside, learn the differences between disaster recovery, backup, and archiving tech.
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Rand Secure Data

Ensuring High Availability for Critical Systems and Applications
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 27 Mar 2014
Published:10 Jul 2013
Summary:Check out this exclusive white paper to discover the ins-and-outs of the software specifically developed to ensure the high availability of Oracle databases.
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Dell, Inc.

1 - 15 of 1309 Matches

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