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Code Signing: Leveraging HSMs to Safeguard Trust and Protect Your Business
sponsored by SafeNet, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 28 May 2014
Published:04 Feb 2014
Summary:This white paper explains how code signing works and why you need to add it to your online distribution security strategy.
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SafeNet, Inc.

SYSPRO Helps Toyota Tsusho Steel Centre Sustain Waste Elimination Philosophy
sponsored by SYSPRO
Case Study: | Posted: 10 Apr 2014
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:This brief case study reveals how the right financial, manufacturing, and distribution services enabled the automotive components manufacturer Toyota Tsusho Steel Centre Australia (TTSCA) to improve profitability, efficiency, and more.
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Comparing Data Center Power Distribution Architectures
sponsored by Schneider Electric
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Oct 2013
Published:09 Oct 2013
Summary:This white paper compares 5 common data center power distribution methods.
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Schneider Electric

An Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management
sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com
Essential Guide: | Posted: 18 Jan 2013
Published:05 Nov 2012
Summary:This report from The Open Group introduces QLM, explains why it is necessary and how its development and acceptance will be assured.
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New Data Warehousing Strategies for Big Data
sponsored by HP & Intel®
eGuide: | Posted: 12 Mar 2013
Published:12 Mar 2013
Summary:High-volume unstructured data has its own set of characteristics that often make it too difficult for traditional standalone and relational databases to process.  As a result, a major shift in big data warehousing is taking place, and this expert e-guide will cover how to be successful in tackling the challenges of new warehousing strategies.
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HP & Intel®

Everything you need to know about successful AIDC
sponsored by SearchManufacturingERP
eBook: | Posted: 07 Mar 2013
Published:07 Mar 2013
Summary:This expert handbook provides overview and analysis of three main AIDC tracking technologies: bar codes, RFID, and GPS.
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Application Modernization: What you need to know
sponsored by CA Technologies.
eBook: | Posted: 14 Nov 2012
Published:14 Nov 2012
Summary:In this eBook, experts explore the legacy mainframe applications from a variety of perspectives.
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CA Technologies.

Integrating Macs with Microsoft DFS - Best Practices
sponsored by GroupLogic
White Paper: | Posted: 15 Feb 2012
Published:15 Feb 2012
Summary:This document describes three options for integrating Macs with Microsoft DFS infrastructure.
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Doing Business with Comstor
sponsored by Comstor
White Paper: | Posted: 01 Feb 2012
Published:27 Jan 2012
Summary:Learn more about Comstor, a leader in Cisco product distribution and an established provider of networking and advanced technology solutions.
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How to Choose a Distribution System
sponsored by Sage Software
White Paper: | Posted: 05 Jan 2012
Published:05 Jan 2012
Summary:Read this white paper to learn best practices for selecting the best distribution strategy and accompanying enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your organization.
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Sage Software

Key Strategies for IT Success in Today's Distribution Environment
sponsored by Epicor Software Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 25 Oct 2011
Published:21 Oct 2011
Summary:This white paper provides high level definitions, opportunity identification, and future potentials for: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Anytime, Anywhere Availability, Mobile Devices, Web 2.0, and Report Cards or Balanced Scorecards as a Business Intelligence (BI) capability.
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Epicor Software Corporation

Back to the Future: The New IT Infrastructure Opportunity
sponsored by Avocent
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Jun 2011
Published:08 Jun 2011
Summary:Access this exclusive resources to discover new technology and solutions to address security and operating expense (OPEX) issues related to distributed computing such as thin client, fast client, diskless workstations, SaaS, and VDI.
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Planning for Efficiency During a Linux Migration and Selecting the Right Server OS
sponsored by HP Novell
eGuide: | Posted: 02 Mar 2011
Published:02 Mar 2011
Summary:In this e-guide from SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, gain expert tips for ensuring efficiency during a Linux migration. Find out how to transition to a new Linux distribution smoothly by having the appropriate systems management tools in place.
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HP Novell

Item-level RFID Tagging and the Intelligent Apparel Supply Chain
sponsored by Motorola, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 16 Feb 2011
Published:16 Feb 2011
Summary:This paper provides an overview of item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging in the apparel supply chain. It explains the evolution of RFID technology and details key benefits when utilized by retailers, distribution and logistics providers, and manufacturers.
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Motorola, Inc.

How Mobile Printers Drive Efficiency Throughout the Supply Chain
sponsored by Zebra Technologies
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Feb 2010
Published:26 Feb 2010
Summary:This paper discusses how supplementing enterprise-printing operations with mobile printers eliminates bottlenecks and boosts accuracy, resulting in better overall performance of manufacturing, warehouse management, and supply chain operations.
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Zebra Technologies

1 - 15 of 22 Matches

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