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Getting From CA AutoSys onto Dollar Universe
sponsored by ORSYP
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Jun 2013
Published:20 Jun 2013
Summary:The objective of this white paper is to provide CA AutoSys users with some details of how ORSYP Dollar Universe works and how AutoSys capabilities can be mapped to equivalent Dollar Universe functions.
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Moving on From CA AutoSys
sponsored by ORSYP
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Jun 2013
Published:20 Jun 2013
Summary:This paper identifies the key differentiators between CA AutoSys and ORSYP Dollar Universe, and the proven benefits that organizations can realize when switching to Dollar Universe.
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Vodafone Ireland implements world-class service excellence with HP BSM
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Dec 2011
Published:14 Dec 2011
Summary:Read this paper to learn how Vodafone Ireland achieved a 300% ROI when it replaced its reactive, introspective, fragmented IT operations processes with a more effective, integrated, end-to-end IT management framework.
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Hewlett-Packard Company

The New World of Mobility Management
sponsored by Aruba Networks
White Paper: | Posted: 23 Apr 2013
Published:31 Mar 2013
Summary:This resource offers key information IT professionals can use to set their plans for mobility on the right track. Read on to discover the 3 phases to mobilizing a business, the functions of Enterprise Mobility Management, and a Mobile Management needs checklist.
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Aruba Networks

Open source middleware and application integration
sponsored by Red Hat
eGuide: | Posted: 08 Mar 2013
Published:08 Mar 2013
Summary:Savvy organizations are leveraging open source enterprise service bus (ESB) and messaging middleware to successfully modernize and integrate legacy applications and systems. This expert resource explores these trends.
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Red Hat

Webcast Enterprise Service Architecture: Building a Platform for Strategy-Driven Transformation - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by OpenText
Webcast: | Posted: 18 Dec 2012
Premiered:Dec 10, 2012
Summary:View this webcast to learn more about building a platform for your strategy-driven transformation. It outlines the goals and objectives you may have and how the services can help you reach these goals and strategies. Uncover some of the key ProVision differentiators as well as other benefits by viewing this resource now.
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Energizing your return on data investment - SOA as architecture for integration and infrastructure (Presentation Transcript)
sponsored by MuleSoft
Presentation Transcript: | Posted: 15 Nov 2012
Published:15 Nov 2012
Summary:Read this transcript of internationally recognized service-oriented architecture (SOA) expert and thought leader, best-selling author of Enterprise Application Integration, and CTO and founder of the cloud consulting firm Blue Mountain Labs, David Linthicum's presentation on SOA as the single most valuable architectural basis for the cloud.
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Mobile Middleware
sponsored by Apperian, Inc.
eGuide: | Posted: 07 Mar 2012
Published:07 Mar 2012
Summary:Successful mobile app developers must learn how to correctly size their service-oriented architecture (SOA). Read this e-guide to learn tips and tricks for successfully developing mobile applications.
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Apperian, Inc.

Considerations for making System z your ESB deployment platform
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Feb 2012
Published:31 Oct 2010
Summary:This white paper explains the importance of connectivity— enabled by an enterprise service bus (ESB)— in an effective service oriented architecture (SOA) implementation, and makes a case for System z as an optimal platform for ESB reliability and performance.
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The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Bus, Q2 2011
sponsored by Red Hat
Analyst Report: | Posted: 01 Dec 2011
Published:25 Apr 2011
Summary:Over the course of 2010 and 2011, Forrester Research spoke to hundreds of customers about their enterprise service bus (ESB) activities, and conducted briefings and demonstration reviews as well as over twenty customer interviews to evaluate five commercial and four open source ESB product vendors. Access this paper to examine Forrester's findings.
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Red Hat

Transport, Location and Semantics
sponsored by Progress
White Paper: | Posted: 28 Nov 2011
Published:31 Dec 2010
Summary:This paper describes how an enterprise service bus (ESB) enables interoperability at "the seven key points of mediation," which is necessary to achieve the goals of service oriented architecture (SOA): reuse and agility. It spotlights the first three points of mediation: transport, location, and semantics.
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The Forrester Wave: EnterpriseService Bus, Q2 2011
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
Analyst Report: | Posted: 21 Jun 2011
Published:21 Jun 2011
Summary:This Forrester’s Wave report provides an unbiased evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of top ESB vendors across a range of criteria. This in-depth guide not only contains coverage of features, vendors and products, but also features real-world input from over 20 customers currently using the evaluated products.
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Oracle Corporation

Thinking Outside the (Search) Box: Powering Enterprise Search with Knowledge
sponsored by Consona Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 17 Jun 2011
Published:17 Jun 2011
Summary:Enterprise search delivers the highest value when it helps create a great customer experience. Read this whitepaper to learn how execute enterprise search with knowledge.
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Consona Corporation

Evaluate: WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
sponsored by IBM
Trial Software: | Posted: 09 Jun 2011
Premiered:09 Jun 2011
Summary:WebSphere Application Server Community Edition is a pre-integrated, lightweight Java platform application server built on Apache Geronimo technology. Download now to experience how it harnesses the latest innovations from the open source community to deliver a readily accessible and flexible foundation for developing and deploying Java apps.
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SOA Architecture & Infrastructure: Working with basic building blocks of SOA infrastructure
sponsored by Talend
eBook: | Posted: 08 Jun 2011
Published:08 Jun 2011
Summary:This E-book reveals how building a SOA infrastructure for the cloud requires a truly service-oriented approach and a thorough understanding of the value of services
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1 - 15 of 19 Matches

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