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How to overcome roadblocks to legacy software replacement: a guide for IT leaders
sponsored by MSM Software
White Paper: | Posted: 16 Jun 2014
Published:16 Jun 2014
Summary:This whitepaper gathers together the views of IT leaders from a recent survey of IT leaders and identifies the most typical roadblocks encountered when attempting to modernize legacy systems – as well as how they address those challenges.
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MSM Software

Beyond Traditional Storage: Keep up with Cloud
sponsored by Caringo
White Paper: | Posted: 13 Jun 2014
Published:31 May 2014
Summary:In this informative white paper, learn about a solution that will allow you to overcome the limits of traditional infrastructures and to implement a new platform capable of serving different storage needs at any scale.
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Computer Weekly – 6 May 2014: The problems of legacy IT in banking
sponsored by ComputerWeekly.com
Ezine: | Posted: 06 May 2014
Published:05 May 2014
Summary:In this week's Computer Weekly, as problems caused by legacy IT in banks become increasingly critical, we assess the difficulties in updating banking systems. After the Windows XP support issues – we look at a similar problem facing Oracle users. And we take an in-depth look at managing corporate networks to enable mobile IT. Read the issue now.
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The Benefits of a Lean Application Portfolio
sponsored by Informatica
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Mar 2014
Published:25 Mar 2014
Summary:Over time, the amount spent on the infrastructure and maintenance of legacy applications and systems can weigh heavy on your IT budget. In this white paper, learn about the changing landscape of enterprise applications and how carrying the burden of legacy systems undermines your enterprise.
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Questions to ask when Choosing a PaaS Vendor
sponsored by SearchBusinessAnalytics
eGuide: | Posted: 19 Nov 2013
Published:19 Nov 2013
Summary:How do you know when to leverage PaaS? What should you know about choosing a PaaS vendor? Cloud computing business consultant Jeff Kaplan answers those questions and more in this expert e-guide, where you'll learn essential questions to ask when choosing a PaaS vendor.
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Application Modernization and Business Transformation in the Internet Age
sponsored by SearchSOA.com
eGuide: | Posted: 17 Mar 2014
Published:17 Mar 2014
Summary:Many organizations are rethinking app portfolios and modernizing legacy applications -- but when and how should you embark on a modernization effort? Find out in this expert handbook, where you'll explore multiple perspectives on legacy mainframe applications and modernization.
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Solution Spotlight: Legacy Application Modernization Best Practices
sponsored by IBM
eGuide: | Posted: 10 Mar 2014
Published:10 Mar 2014
Summary:None of those benefits of application modernization can be realized without integration technology. Find out why in this expert e-guide, which explores the link between integration and application modernization. Also, get an in-depth look at how to demonstrate the business value of integration when modernizing legacy applications.
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Del Monte Foods' Cloud Imperative - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Kenandy
Webcast: | Posted: 06 Jan 2014
Premiered:Dec 10, 2013
Summary:This video case study explores Del Monte Foods' cloud strategy – including why the food production company decided to move to the cloud and how it alleviated its cloud concerns.
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EGuide: Application portfolio analysis: Treating software as an asset
sponsored by CSC
eGuide: | Posted: 11 Oct 2013
Published:10 Oct 2013
Summary:In this e-guide, learn why application portfolio analysis can be the key to aligning business investments with core capabilities when it comes to transforming complex legacy software.
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Applications Re-host: Shift to more modern, agile, cost-effective platforms
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company
White Paper: | Posted: 08 Oct 2013
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:This resource offers an in-depth look at the rationale and requirements related to re-hosting legacy apps to distributed or mid-range computing systems. Discover what it to takes to achieve a successful re-hosting project, and determine if it's a reality for your business.
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Hewlett-Packard Company

Preparing Your Applications for the Cloud
sponsored by CSC
White Paper: | Posted: 26 Sep 2013
Published:26 Sep 2013
Summary:This resource introduces a fast, predictable, economical path to cloud-enablement for your applications. Check it out now to learn how this service helps transform your legacy custom and mainframe apps to run in the cloud, without a high price tag.
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FuturEdge - Reshape your Application Portfolio
sponsored by CSC
White Paper: | Posted: 19 Sep 2013
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:Aging, complex systems can inhibit business processes, hinder productivity, and result in high maintenance costs. Access this resource to learn about a comprehensive set of business-led services that can help you modernize your application portfolio in three phases - shape, transform, and manage.
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The ACE up Your Sleeve
sponsored by CSC
White Paper: | Posted: 17 Sep 2013
Published:30 Apr 2012
Summary:Access this resource to learn about an "application cloud enablement" technology - providing strategy, infrastructure, and change capabilities - that makes it quicker, cheaper, and less risky to migrate legacy apps to the cloud.
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IDC - Supporting the Complex Data Center
sponsored by Dell, Inc.
White Paper: | Posted: 12 Sep 2013
Published:30 Apr 2013
Summary:Learn the importance of support services in data center environments. Inside, you'll learn about the role of vendor-supplied support services, how to evaluate the support offerings and capabilities of each vendor,and more.
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Dell, Inc.

Overhauling a Legacy Contact Center: Starting Steps
sponsored by Five9
eGuide: | Posted: 10 May 2013
Published:10 May 2013
Summary:Overhauling legacy contact center technology is often costly and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be. This expert e-guide offers advice on deciding when it's time to upgrade your contact center, making the business case for an overhaul, and important change management considerations.
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1 - 15 of 63 Matches

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