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Navigating your Future within an SOA information manufacturing system
sponsored by
Book: | Posted: 27 Aug 2013
Published:27 Aug 2013
Summary:As the IT industry reaches maturity, IT departments should think of themselves not as data centres but as manufacturing centres for information. Terry Keene argues in this short e-book.
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Computer Weekly – 13 November 2012: Government commits to open standards
sponsored by
Ezine: | Posted: 09 Nov 2012
Published:13 Nov 2012
Summary:In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at the government's controversial new policy on open standards and what it means for public sector IT. After hurricane Sandy hit New York, we talk to one datacentre operator about how it kept services running. And our latest buyers' guide examines the market for infrastructure on demand. Read the issue now.
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Download: IBM Lotus Symphony
sponsored by IBM
Software Download: | Posted: 09 Jun 2011
Premiered:09 Jun 2011
Summary:IBM Lotus Domino Symphony is a suite of office productivity software for creating, editing, and sharing word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, which supports the OpenDocument Format (ODF) - allowing organizations to use their documents without becoming locked into one particular vendor for their productivity tools.
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Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Architecture
sponsored by Oracle Corporation
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Mar 2011
Published:01 Apr 2010
Summary:Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise servers are highly reliable, easy-to-manage, vertically scalable systems with all the benefits of traditional mainframes—without the associated cost, complexity, or vendor lock-in. In fact, the Sun SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers deliver mainframe-class system architecture at open system prices.
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Oracle Corporation

James Reinders Talks about Open Source Software
sponsored by Intel
Video: | Posted: 01 Nov 2010
Premiered:01 Nov 2010
Summary:Watch this video to learn how Intel tools support open source: supporting Linux operating systems, providing standards, and creating open source projects that enable developers to do truly innovative work.
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Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server Architecture
sponsored by Oracle Corporation UK Ltd
White Paper: | Posted: 05 Oct 2010
Published:27 Apr 2010
Summary:Introducing the Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server. Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise servers are highly reliable, easy-to-manage, vertically scalable systems with all the benefits of traditional mainframes—without the associated cost, complexity, or vendor lock-in.
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Oracle Corporation UK Ltd

Simplifying UNIX Migration - Dell and Red Hat Pave the Way
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel®
Analyst Report: | Posted: 02 Sep 2009
Published:01 Jul 2009
Summary:Dell has teamed-up with Intel and Red Hat and developed a migration strategy to simplify the consolidation of the enterprise data center from an outdated, proprietary architecture to an easily managed open systems platforms. To learn about how easy it is to migrate from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Dell PowerEdge servers, please read on.
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Dell, Inc. and Intel®

Open Sesame: Why Open Source BI, Data Integration, and Data Warehousing Solutions are Gaining in Acceptance - by Dr Claudia Imhoff
sponsored by Talend
White Paper: | Posted: 28 Jul 2009
Published:28 Jun 2009
Summary:This paper examines the challenges faced by organizations today regarding their BI, data integration, and data warehousing environments, why traditional solutions fall short, and the rise of upstart open source companies. Read on to learn more about open source BI, data integration, and data warehousing solutions.
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Is the Back Office Ready for a Technology Refresh
sponsored by Transverse
Presentation Transcript: | Posted: 28 May 2009
Published:28 May 2009
Summary:In order to remain competitive and grow, service providers must increase revenue through value-added services and build innovative new business models, while reducing capital and operating expenses. Read this presentation transcript, taken from the mediacast of the same name, to learn more.
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Migrating to the New Dell Management Console
sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel®
White Paper: | Posted: 19 May 2009
Published:19 May 2009
Summary:Read this white paper to learn how the Dell™ Management Console Powered by Altiris™ from SymantecTM centralizes multiple aspects of systems management into a single easy-to-use tool.
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Dell, Inc. and Intel®

The OSI Model: Understanding the Seven Layers of Computer Networks
sponsored by Global Knowledge
White Paper: | Posted: 10 Dec 2008
Published:01 Jul 2006
Summary:This paper explains each of the seven layers of OSI model, including their functions and their relationships, also it provide with an overview of the network process, which can act as a framework for understanding the details of computer networking.
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Global Knowledge

ROC Maestro for Open Systems - Simplify Job Scheduling Administration
sponsored by ROC Software
Software Listing: | Posted: 14 Nov 2008
Published:01 Mar 2008
Summary:ROC Maestro for Open Systems, a key component of the ROC Enterprise Suite™, provides a very easy method for scheduling and managing workloads, processes, dependencies and events across complex, heterogeneous IT environments.
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ROC Software

Collaboration without Boundaries
sponsored by Red Hat and JBoss
Product Overview: | Posted: 20 Apr 2008
Published:01 Apr 2008
Summary:IBM and Red Hat have a single, security-rich collaboration and messaging platform that makes it simple, easy, and affordable to improve organizational productivity and effectiveness. It is much more than a Microsoft Exchange/desktop alternative.
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Red Hat and JBoss

6 Myths about Open Source
sponsored by Ingres
White Paper: | Posted: 03 Mar 2008
Published:01 Jan 2007
Summary:There has long been concern that open source is a niche IT option, unable to support mission-critical applications, and that any update to the code is unregulated. This white paper challenges these concerns.
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