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Top Tips for Managing a Mobile Workforce
sponsored by GFI Cloud
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:14 Jul 2014
Summary:This white paper introduces several tips for managing and protecting a mobile workforce, including solutions compatible with cloud computing.
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GFI Cloud

Five Tips to Improve a Threat and Vulnerability Management Program
sponsored by Alert Logic
eGuide: | Posted: 11 Jul 2014
Published:11 Jul 2014
Summary:This expert e-guide explains how to improve your enterprise's threat and vulnerability management program in 5 simple steps.
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Alert Logic

How to Quickly and Easily Configure Patch Management Policies in GFI Cloud
sponsored by GFI Cloud
Video: | Posted: 09 Jul 2014
Premiered:09 Jul 2014
Summary:Learn how simple it is to configure patch management policies.
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GFI Cloud

GFI Cloud Product tour
sponsored by GFI Cloud
Video: | Posted: 09 Jul 2014
Premiered:10 Oct 2013
Summary:Access this video for a product tour of a solution that offers IT management, monitoring, and security capabilities.
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GFI Cloud

GFI CloudTM Case Study - MacDermid Offshore Solutions UK
sponsored by GFI Cloud
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Jul 2014
Published:08 Jul 2014
Summary:This informative case study details a success story with one server monitoring solution. Read on to find out how you can have a single view of key software without integration and compatibility worries instead of different vendors for different pieces of software, and ensure that your primary servers are always up with key services running.
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GFI Cloud

GFI CloudTM Case Study - Central Bank & Trust
sponsored by GFI Cloud
Case Study: | Posted: 07 Jul 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:This case study examines a cloud solution that has improved network security for a banking organization.
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GFI Cloud

VCE Lifecycle Assurance: Doing the Hard Work So You Don't Have To
sponsored by VCE
White Paper: | Posted: 21 Apr 2014
Published:31 Jul 2013
Summary:In this paper, learn how the value a customer derives over the entire lifecycle of his or her systems enables IT to offload the massive expense and risk associated with endless patch management and regression testing to VCE, allowing IT to remain focused on strategic initiatives.
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Patch Management Best Practices
sponsored by LabTech Software
White Paper: | Posted: 31 Jan 2014
Published:31 Dec 2012
Summary:A top priority for IT service providers is to keep clients' critical systems free from known vulnerabilities. This is where patch management comes into play. Access this white paper today to find best practices for various kinds of patches so you can keep critical systems safer.
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LabTech Software

Mapping Security For Your Virtual Environment
sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company
White Paper: | Posted: 15 Nov 2013
Published:31 May 2012
Summary:In this comprehensive white paper, explore the a solution to virtualization management solution that integrates with existing security strategies, offering simplified, efficient, and compliance-ready defense systems.
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Hewlett-Packard Company

Cloud Security Designed for Amazon Web Services (AWS)
sponsored by Trend Micro
White Paper: | Posted: 19 May 2014
Published:19 May 2014
Summary:This white paper offers a brief overview of an Amazon Web Services security solution that relies on security pros to customize its offered features to efficiently and effectively defend your assets in the cloud.
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Trend Micro

WSUS for Secure Patching: Top Tips, Tricks and Scripts for Overcoming Limitations and Challenges
sponsored by Lumension
Video: | Posted: 25 Feb 2014
Premiered:25 Feb 2014
Summary:In this webinar, Windows expert Randy Franklin Smith shares some the best tips, tricks and scripts for addressing patching issues within WSUS.
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La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology: Customer Video
sponsored by Absolute Software
Video: | Posted: 12 Nov 2013
Premiered:12 Nov 2013
Summary:In this on-demand video case study, learn how the right enterprise-level management software allowed La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology to better manage, secure, and track all of its systems and devices.
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Absolute Software

Data Sheet: What's New in Red Hat Satellite 5.6?
sponsored by Red Hat
White Paper: | Posted: 24 Oct 2013
Published:24 Oct 2013
Summary:Discover the new Red Hat Satellite 5.6 capabilities and features that provide administrators with the means to efficiently manage their systems, lowering per-system deployment and management costs.
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Red Hat

How to take Advantage of Security Ops that go Beyond the OS - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Intel and McAfee
Webcast: | Posted: 21 Oct 2013
Premiered:Oct 15, 2013
Summary:In this webcast, get security advice from Ed Metcalf, Director of Product and Solution Marketing at McAfee and his colleague, Deepak Kolingivadi, Senior Product Manager, and discover how to gain full value from one security system solution that will reduce costs and increase business productivity.
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Intel and McAfee

Reducing Your Patch Cycle to Less Than 5 Days - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Tenable Network Security
Webcast: | Posted: 27 Sep 2013
Premiered:Sep 3, 2013
Summary:This informative webcast explores the challenges of vulnerability management and creative solutions to help you fully leverage your vulnerability management process and reduce your patch cycle.
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Tenable Network Security

1 - 15 of 118 Matches

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