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Geek's Guide to Presenting to Business People - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Code42
Webcast: | Posted: 06 Jun 2014
Premiered:Jun 6, 2014
Summary:Watch this on-demand webinar with Paul Glen, author of "Leading Geeks," to learn how to effectively introduce technical initiatives to non-technical users (executives and business units) and ensure your proposal isn't derailed in the process.
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How to Give a Killer Presentation: Lessons from TED
sponsored by Citrix Online Go To Meeting
White Paper: | Posted: 04 Jun 2014
Published:30 Jun 2013
Summary:In this article, TED's curator describes the process that TED uses to prepare speakers for their presentations- suggestions that are instrumental for presentations in any setting.
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6 Tips for Making Presentations Memorable
sponsored by Citrix Online Go To Meeting
White Paper: | Posted: 02 Jun 2014
Published:02 Jun 2014
Summary:This brief guide outlines 6 tips for making your presentation memorable and explores how it will help your organization.
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Choosing visual properties for successful visualizations
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 09 Oct 2013
Published:09 Oct 2013
Summary:In the following article, IBM experts address a key aspect in the design process.
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Microsoft announces new office 365 offerings
sponsored by
Analyst Report: | Posted: 15 Mar 2013
Published:15 Mar 2013
Summary:Analyst group, Nucleus Research assesses Microsoft's plans to  update to its Office 365 cloud services, including enhanced social capabilities with SharePoint and Yammer.
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From monologue to dialogue: Adding interaction to your presentations
sponsored by Citrix Online Go To Meeting
White Paper: | Posted: 17 Jul 2013
Published:17 Jul 2013
Summary:This IT brief reviews best practices for enhancing interactivity and participation creating a more memorable, engaging presentation experience for you – and your audience.
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Selecting a Visual Analytics Application
sponsored by Tableau Software
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Apr 2009
Published:20 Apr 2009
Summary:Visual analytics is the process of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. Its becoming the fastest way for people to explore and understand Business Intelligence data of any size. This paper will introduce you to the seven essential elements of true visual analytics applications.
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Tableau Software

Designing Great Visualizations
sponsored by Tableau Software
White Paper: | Posted: 20 Apr 2009
Published:20 Apr 2009
Summary:Visual representations are a fundamental component of human learning and understanding. To study the impact of data visualization, we must first look to the past and see how our ways of shaping and representing data have changed over time. This paper traces the history of visual representation, from cave drawings to the computer revolution.
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Tableau Software

Digital Asset Management
sponsored by EMC Corporation
Brochure: | Posted: 13 Mar 2008
Published:01 Jan 2005
Summary:The EMC Documentum digital asset management solution provides a platform and Web interface that makes video accessible across the enterprise while supporting collaborative business processes.
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EMC Corporation

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