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The central role of Content Management in Case Management
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 30 Jul 2014
Published:30 Apr 2014
Summary:This paper explains how a clear Content Management strategy builds success in Case Management. Read on to learn how to deliver business outcomes that are as effective as possible, as efficiently as possible by integrating Case Management with a comprehensive Content Management approach.
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Cloud-Based ERP Adoption and Integration Challenges
sponsored by Apps Associates LLC
eGuide: | Posted: 25 Jul 2014
Published:25 Jul 2014
Summary:This expert e-guide dives deep into today's ongoing ERP system integration challenges, and reveals why more midsize and large businesses are eyeing the cloud-based ERP option.
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Apps Associates LLC

From Audit Compliance to App Stores, Accelerate your Move to Software Asset Management
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 25 Jul 2014
Published:09 May 2013
Summary:This exclusive whitepaper will help you prepare for a software audit now and in the future.
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Unleashing Fast IT: Business and IT Working Together
sponsored by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Data Sheet: | Posted: 24 Jul 2014
Published:24 Jul 2014
Summary:Learn how software-defined networking (SDN), cloud computing and management applications can help you achieve less complexity, more agility and assured security within the IT environment.
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Cisco Systems, Inc.

Maxta Storage Platform - Enterprise Storage Re-defined
sponsored by Maxta
White Paper: | Posted: 24 Jul 2014
Published:31 Dec 2013
Summary:This white paper explains how organizations can handle the challenges of data storage for virtual data centers by leveraging a ground breaking, highly resilient, distributed Software-Defined VM Storage Platform that enables organizations to fully realize the vision of the virtual data center.
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Exact Macola – Striving Toward ERP Excellence - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Exact Software
Webcast: | Posted: 24 Jul 2014
Premiered:Jul 24, 2014
Summary:Watch this informative webcast, featuring Senior Business Consultant Russ Lesko, who discusses Exact Macola's latest ERP software solution.
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Exact Software

Select the Right Solution for Inner-City Transportation Management
sponsored by IBM
White Paper: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Published:15 Apr 2014
Summary:This exclusive whitepaper covers the single automated software solution many of public transportation systems are turning to and provides checklists for four key areas that will help you pick the right vendor.
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Download a Free Trial of SQL Safe Backup
sponsored by Idera
Software Download: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Premiered:22 Jul 2014
Summary:Learn about the key features of SQL Safe Backup – and find out how you can gain access to a free trial.
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SQL Compliance Manager – Download Free Trial
sponsored by Idera
Software Download: | Posted: 22 Jul 2014
Premiered:22 Jul 2014
Summary:Uncover the ins-and-outs of SQL Compliance Manager – and get your hands on a free trial.
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SQL Diagnostic Manager – Download a Free Trial
sponsored by Idera
Software Download: | Posted: 21 Jul 2014
Premiered:21 Jul 2014
Summary:Uncover all the ins-and-outs of a 24/7 SQL performance monitoring, alerting and diagnostic tool – and gain access to a free trial.
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The giant’s advantage: Why cloud computing levels the playing field for small businesses
sponsored by GFI Cloud
White Paper: | Posted: 15 Jul 2014
Published:15 Jul 2014
Summary:In this white paper, you will find effective cloud computing solutions that will help your business grow—not only for technical purposes, but also with the relationship between your team.
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GFI Cloud

Building Fault-Tolerant Applications on AWS
sponsored by Amazon Web Services
White Paper: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:31 Oct 2011
Summary:This comprehensive paper highlights why an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform is ideal for building fault-tolerant software systems. However, this attribute isn't unique to its platform, so read on to discover what makes the AWS platform unique.
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MicroScope July 2014: An issue covering changes in the business intelligence market
sponsored by MicroScope
Ezine: | Posted: 14 Jul 2014
Published:11 Jul 2014
Summary:An issue highlighting the changing business intelligence market and the opportunities for resellers
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Big Data at Work: Dispelling the Myths, Uncovering the Opportunities
sponsored by SAS
White Paper: | Posted: 10 Jul 2014
Published:03 Mar 2014
Summary:In this white paper, Thomas Davenport separates fact from fiction when it comes to big data.
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Make the Most of Big Data with IBM System x
sponsored by IBM
Data Sheet: | Posted: 10 Jul 2014
Published:31 Mar 2013
Summary:Discover how IBM System x is helping many sort through big data.
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1 - 15 of 441 Matches

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