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Accelerate App Development with Open Source PaaS
sponsored by Red Hat
Video: | Posted: 27 Mar 2014
Premiered:11 Jul 2013
Summary:In this video, discover a cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to create scalable applications using whichever programming language and middleware they prefer. Watch now to explore the benefits and capabilities of this PaaS.
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Red Hat

Accelerate Disaster Recovery & Optimize Storage with Modernized Disaster Recovery Software - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by CommVault Systems, Inc.
Webcast: | Posted: 12 Feb 2014
Premiered:Oct 8, 2013
Summary:Watch this informative webcast to find out the key features of this modernized disaster recovery software.
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CommVault Systems, Inc.

Choose the right dynamic in-memory to turbo charge your SAP application software - Expert Webcast
sponsored by IBM
Webcast: | Posted: 06 Jan 2014
Premiered:Jan 2, 2014
Summary:In this on-demand webcast from SearchDataManagement.com, our experts sit down with leading independent analyst Carl Olofson as he offers key recommendations to help you choose the right database technologies for your SAP software.
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Code Signing Debacle 2.0: A Hacked Adobe Server and Its Impact on Us All - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Lumension
Webcast: | Posted: 14 May 2013
Premiered:May 14, 2013
Summary:Watch this webinar to learn about the threat of hacked vendor software, the technologies and controls that can help address the risk of compromised code signatures and infrastructures, and how to preemptively address these vulnerabilities.
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Expert Integrated Systems: Can you put expertise in a box? - Vendor Podcast
sponsored by IBM
Podcast: | Posted: 19 Mar 2013
Premiered:Mar 18, 2013
Summary:Can you package expertise? More and more IT executives are adopting a new approach that makes it easier, faster and less expensive to deploy infrastructure and applications by integrating hardware, software and field-tested "patterns of expertise" in the form of expert integrated systems. Find out more.
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First Steps to the Software-Defined Data Center - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by VMware
Webcast: | Posted: 04 Mar 2014
Premiered:Mar 4, 2014
Summary:This webcast details how to get started with a software-defined data center and covers the impact it will have on IT.
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Free 15 Day Trial of Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware
sponsored by PHD Virtual
Trial Software: | Posted: 10 Apr 2014
Premiered:10 Apr 2014
Summary:Check out this game-changing resource to uncover the key features of the one and only disaster recovery assurance solution for VMware – and gain access to a free 15 day trial.
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PHD Virtual

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by IBM
Webcast: | Posted: 22 Apr 2013
Premiered:Apr 22, 2013
Summary:Consult this informative video to learn more about the widespread adoption of "going agile." Find out how you can obtain shorter release cycles, greater flexibility and tighter alignment by going agile. It explores the broad technical, organizational and process changes that can help your team transition to an agile environment.
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Adobe Flash Builder 4
sponsored by Adobe Systems, Inc.
Software Download: | Posted: 04 Jan 2011
Premiered:04 Jan 2011
Summary:Enterprises are challenged to create easy to use rich Internet applications that enable users and customers to access and interact with data and content in more intuitive and visual ways. Download this trial software to learn more.
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Adobe Systems, Inc.

Are you Agile Enough?
sponsored by IBM
Webcast: | Posted: 09 Sep 2009
Premiered:Sep 9, 2009
Summary:If you are using Open Source, doing Agile but not able to consistently meet project goals, and aren't sure what tools you need -- check out how Rational Team Concert can help. See how Rational Team Concert automates core Agile practices -- like consistent team collaboration, rapid response to change, and frequent delivery of [...]
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Course: Improper Validation of Array Index (CWE-129) - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Klocwork
Webcast: | Posted: 13 Nov 2013
Premiered:Nov 13, 2013
Summary:This course begins with an overview of improper validation of array indices. It describes the security impact of the weakness and provides a technical description of the issue, along with code examples to show the vulnerability. Finally, the course describes the remediation strategies available to mitigate the weakness described by CWE-129.
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Course: Insecure Temporary Files (CWE-377) - Vendor Webcast
sponsored by Klocwork
Webcast: | Posted: 13 Nov 2013
Premiered:Nov 13, 2013
Summary:This course begins with an overview of the use of insecure temporary files vulnerability and its common causes. A technical description of the issue is presented along with code examples to show the vulnerability. Finally, the course describes the remediation strategies used to mitigate the weakness described by CWE-377.
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Dell AppAssure 5 Trial Download
sponsored by Dell Software
Trial Software: | Posted: 09 Oct 2013
Premiered:09 Oct 2013
Summary:Check out this free trial download of one vendor's data backup software that has revolutionized data protection by unifying backup, replication and recovery all in one solution. Download your free trial now.
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Dell Software

Demo: Service lifecycle management in action
sponsored by IBM
Product Demo: | Posted: 06 Oct 2009
Premiered:06 Oct 2009
Summary:Organizations moving towards Service-Oriented Architecture must manage their services from development to deployment. This demo shows how Rational Team Concert, Rational Asset Manager, and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository provide a comprehensive, integrated solution for organizations looking to realize SOA.
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Docmosis V2.0
sponsored by Docmosis
Trial Software: | Posted: 17 Jun 2009
Premiered:15 Jun 2009
Summary:Generating reports from Java applications has traditionally been a difficult task with heavy coding effort in development and maintenance. Even where graphical tools are provided, users must learn how to use a new and sometimes cumbersome tool.
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1 - 15 of 40 Matches

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